Shear sharpening is an art similar to hair design. It takes years to perfect both.

How long did you go to cosmetology school? Did you know everything when you got out or did you perfect your craft over the years? Of course it takes years of training to really know what to do in both cases. Most of the sharpeners knocking on your door have trained for 3 to 5 days and they want to practice on your $300.00 shears.

Honing is an art and we treat your shears with the highest respect.

We know that the life expectancy of your shears depends on how much metal is removed when they are serviced. Great care should be taken to take the least amount of metal from your shear in servicing to assure that your shear will last for 10 to 15 years. That’s were honing comes in. We use abrasives that are so smooth you would never think you could remove any metal from your shear. Unfortunately if there are nicks in your blades we have to take off enough material to get underneath those nicks. (See shear damage in our shear knowledge section) but, that’s just a hazard of the trade. In any case rest assured that we take great pride in our sharpening service. Perfection is our goal and your satisfaction is our guarantee.